Charles County District Court (2024)

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Charles County Courthouse
11 Washington Ave, PO Box 3070
La Plata, MD 20646

Phone: 301-934-5110

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Online Court Resources

Resources for the Charles County District Court as well as online resources applicable to courts generally in Charles County, Maryland, and resources applicable to all courts inMaryland.

Search court case records

Court Case Records

Search Maryland Circuit and District Court civil, criminal and traffic case records by party name, party type, case type, court type, county, filing date, and case number.

Published opinions and orders

Attorney General Opinions

View official opinions of the Maryland Attorney General by year, opinion number, and topic.

Forms and related information

Court Forms

View and download Maryland Circuit and District Court forms including civil, family, criminal, traffic, protective order, and expungement.

Online fine payments

Pay Charles County Parking and Red Light Camera Tickets

Pay Charles County parking and red light camera tickets online, and view red light camera ticket evidence.

Pay Maryland Traffic Citations

Pay Maryland District Court Uniform Traffic Citation payments online. A fee applies.

Self help, legal research, general information

Charles County Law Library

View information about the Charles County Law Library, including location, hours, available resources, and an online catalog.

Charles County State's Attorney Information

The Charles County State's Attorney's Office offers information about the criminal process, answers to frequently asked questions, and information for crime victims and witnesses. Links are in the left column.

Charles County Teen Court

View information about Charles County Teen Court, an alternative court of peer review for young offenders.

Charles County Victim Help

The Charles County Sheriff's Office offers information about its services for crime victims, including the Local Crime Victims Fund, victims' rights, victim notification, and instructions for obtaining a peace or protective order.

District Court Alternative Dispute Resolution

View information about Maryland District Courts Alternative Dispute Resolution programs, which include mediation and settlement conferences and can help parties resolve disputes without going to trial.

District Court Criminal Cases

View information about criminal cases in Maryland District Courts, including how to file a criminal complaint, case procedure, and expungement of criminal records.

District Court Self-Help

View information about available services for self-represented parties in civil cases at the District Court Self-Help Center, including a live chat service.

District Court Self-Help Brochures

View and download brochures in English or Spanish about types of District Court cases, including small claims, collecting a judgment, landlord-tenant, criminal, family, domestic violence, interpreters, mediation, traffic, and transcripts.

District Court Traffic Cases

View information about traffic cases in Maryland District Courts, including plea options, fine payments, types of citations, court procedure, and records.

Small Claims

View information about small claims cases in Maryland District Courts, including monetary limit, filing instructions, mediation, case procedure, and collecting a judgment.

Domestic Violence Information

View information for victims of domestic violence, including instructions for obtaining a protective order or peace order, links to shelters and other resources, and hotlines.

Expungement Information

Find instructions and forms for expunging records from court, police, and motor vehicle files.

Foreclosure Prevention Help

The HOPE Initiative offers information and resources for homeowners facing foreclosure, including Attorney General settlement, counseling, mediation, an online research library, a foreclosure prevention workshop, and a toll-free hotline.

Mediation Information

View information about mediation, which can help parties resolve disputes without going to trial. Links to additional resources and rosters of approved mediators are also provided.

Victim Help

The Maryland Attorney General offers information about services available to crime victims, with links to the Victim Services page of the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, The Maryland Crime Victims Resource Center, and the Governor's Office of Crime Control and Prevention which has victims' rights brochures and forms.

Attorney General Legal Information

The Maryland Attorney General offers legal information on a variety of legal topics, including consumer issues, health policy, business, and more. An advance directive (living will) form is included.

Consumer Protection

The Maryland Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division offers instructions and forms for filing a consumer complaint, answers to frequently asked questions, consumer tips and publications, and information about mediation and arbitration, identity theft, home construction, vehicles, recalls, health, and other consumer issues.

Free Mediation Services

View a directory of Community Mediation Centers in Maryland offering free mediation services, organized by county.

Glossary of Legal Terms

Find definitions of commonly used legal terms.

Housing Case Information

View information about landlord/tenant and foreclosure cases in Maryland courts, with links to forms, brochures, and additional online resources.

Legal Research Topics

The People's Law Library of Maryland offers information about various legal topics including consumer, criminal, domestic violence, education, employment, family law, benefits, health, housing, motor vehicles, senior issues, wills and estates, youth law, court procedure, forms, case filing, and more. An ask-a-librarian service by e-mail is also available.

Senior Legal Issues Resources

The Maryland Attorney General offers a free consumer guide that can be downloaded or ordered, and additional information on topics of interest to seniors, including financial exploitation, telemarketing fraud, nursing homes, and end-of-life care.

State Bar Legal Information

The Maryland State Bar Association offers brochures on a variety of legal topics including senior issues, consumer, family, employment, health benefits, juvenile court, lawyers, traffic, arrest, and wills and estates.

State Law Library

View information about the Maryland State Law Library, including location, hours, an online catalog, available materials and services, links to legal research resources and local law libraries, and an Ask-a-Librarian service by telephone and e-mail.

State Statutes and Rules

Search the Maryland Code, Constitution, and court rules by keyword, or browse by table of contents.

Legal aid, free services, lawyer referral

Public Defender

View information about the Maryland Office of the Public Defender, which provides criminal defense services to defendants who cannot afford to hire a lawyer. Local office contacts and application instructions are included.

Attorney Complaints and Discipline

The Maryland Attorney Grievance Commission offers instructions for filing a complaint against an attorney, forms, and summaries by year of disciplinary actions against sanctioned attorneys.

Attorney Fee Disputes

View contact information for attorney fee disputes, including the The Maryland State Bar Association and local bar associations.

Find Legal Help Resources

The People's Law Library of Maryland offers information on getting legal help, including free services, mediation, and self-help programs. Links to legal clinics, hotlines, information about lawyers, forms, legal research, and case filing instructions are also available.

Free and Low-Cost Legal Assistance

The People's Law Library of Maryland provides a list of organizations that offer free and low-cost legal services to eligible clients, with contact information and links.

Lawyer Directory

Search the Maryland State Bar Association directory of member attorneys by name, city, county, practice area, admission state, and section membership.

Lawyer Referral Services

View contact information for lawyer referral services by county.

Legal Aid

Maryland Legal Aid provides free legal assistance in civil matters to income-eligible residents. Income guidelines, types of cases handled, an online intake application, and information about additional service providers are included.

Maryland Attorneys

Search an index of active Maryland attorneys in good standing by name.

Volunteer Lawyers

The Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service provides income guidelines, counties served, types of cases handled, and an online application form for free or low-cost legal assistance. Links to clinics and local providers are also available.


Charles County District Court (2024)


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